Platform Basket spider lifts

The Platform Basket Spider is a super compact access platform, mounted on a tracked chassis. It is perfect for all types of terrains, including rough terrains. With non-marking tracks the Spider is the perfect machine for indoor use. Platform Basket manufactures 3 types of aerial work platforms with working heights from 13 up to 33 m.

✔  Compact design
✔  Versatile
✔  Easy operation
✔  Working heights up to 33 m

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Spider lifts with compact design

Expandable tracks ensure extra stability while driving. When needed, they can be retracted so that the machine gets as compact as possible. Still to wide? The aluminium basket is also easily detacheable. This way, the Platform Basket spider lifts fit through most doors and gates.

A cranked outrigger design leads to a high ground clearance. Some models enable the outriggers to be positioned manually so that the footprint can be reduced to a minimum.

Thanks to the lightweight and compact design most Platform Basket Spiders can be transported with a trailer. No lorry needed this way. 

The most versatile spider lifts

Platform Basket spider lifts are developped with the operator in mind. As a result, these spider lifts are very versatile.

  • The 'Fly Jib' gives a longer outreach and allows the basket to be smoothly operated.
  • The basket is available for 1 or 2 persons and can be equipped with cage rotation.
  • All models have air, water and power outlets into the basket as main standards.
  • Easy remote control, wireless or with a cable and proportional, smooth and precise hydraulic controls in the cage. 

Importer of Platform Basket spider lifts

Hermans Heftrucks is exclusive importer of Platform Basket spider lifts for Belgium. Our vast stock of new and second hand spider lifts guarantees an expansive range of possibilities. 

Spider lifts up to 33 m

Platform Basket offers a complete range of spider lifts with working heights up to 33 m that can be divided in three types of aerial work platforms:

  •   SPIDER: Spider lifts with combustion engine
  •   SPIDER E: Electric spider lift with 24V battery
  •   SPIDER ED: Hybrid spider lift with combustion engine and 24V